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Buggy Tours

Explore Iceland in the perfect vehicle!


You can dive around in the cold but clear water of Silfra or in waters with hotsprings and bubbles.  Iceland is the diver’s paradise!

Glacier Walk

Hike on a glacier and surround yourself with the bright, white ice!

Ice Climbing

Have you ever climbed up a wall of ice, with only crampons and an ice ax?  Now’s your chance!

Inside the Volcano -Cave Tour

Descend 120 meters into a volcano that erupted 4.000 years ago!


The Icelandic landscapes are stunning from the ground, but from above they’re simply breathtaking!

River Rafting

Explore the white water canyons, learn to cooperate with your travel buddies to stear the boat, and experience the chill of jumping into the water!


Float underwater and step into the magical world of the pure Icelandic water.


The wind in your face, on a snowmobile, on a glacier.  Now that’s the ultimate freedom!