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Iceland is best explored at your own pace.  We are totally up for working with you to handcraft a tour, suited completely to your needs.  Do you want to travel fast and see everything or slow and enjoy each moment?  See the place that you’ve kept as your screensaver for years, but never been to?  Visit the small fishing village you read about in a book once?  Organize a unique bachelor/ette party? Let’s work together to create the perfect trip that suits your group!

Private tours come in all sizes and lengths.  We can take bits and pieces from our already designed tours and piece together the perfect trip for you and your travel buddies or just invent a totally new itinerary, just for you!  Fill out the form beneath to start the conversation!

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We are not one size fits all.  We love to tailor make our trips to fit your lust for adventure, need for serenity or love for the extreme.  These are features that you can add to your trip or adjust to your liking.  The prices may vary, depending on how suitable the itinerary is for such adjustment.  Just check the boxes in the contact form to learn about the cost and specifics of the add-ons that interest you.

This is: Extreme!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

-Helen Keller


The Icelandic landscapes are stunning from the ground, but from above they’re simply breathtaking!


The wind in your face, on a snowmobile, on a glacier.  Now that’s the ultimate freedom!

Buggy Tours

Explore Iceland in the perfect vehicle!

Inside the Volcano -Cave Tour

Descend 120 meters into a volcano that erupted 4.000 years ago!

Glacier Walk

Hike on a glacier and surround yourself with the bright, white ice!

Ice Climbing

Have you ever climbed up a wall of ice, with only crampons and an ice ax?  Now’s your chance!


Float underwater and step into the magical world of the pure Icelandic water.


You can dive around in the cold but clear water of Silfra or in waters with hotsprings and bubbles.  Iceland is the diver’s paradise!

River Rafting

Explore the white water canyons, learn to cooperate with your travel buddies to stear the boat, and experience the chill of jumping into the water!

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

-Albert Einstein

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Kiara Sol (Canada)

This is: The Highlands Extended - 3 Days

I can’t rave enough about our amazing experience with “This is Iceland” tours. We were treated to an adventure we couldn’t have had any other way. The vehicle was perfectly equipped for the terrain, the group was small and our tour guide, Klem, was extremely knowledgeable and very personable – we felt like we were travelling with a friend. He brought us to all the best spots and shared fascinating history and stories, but what was most remarkable was when we ventured off the beaten path to experience things the average tourist would miss. It was an adrenaline rush and Klem made the day extraordinary. I think the ultimate test for a travel guide is when the experience is such a thrill you don’t want it to end! This was one of our favourite vacations and we will definitely return! Regardless of how long you’re visiting Iceland, do yourself a favour and book a tour with “This is Iceland” – it’s the best and only way to experience Iceland!


This is: The Highlands - 2 Days

“There is no way to predict when one could see the northern lights but Klemmi went out of his way to find some for us. He made sure we are comfortable during the ride, serving us hot chocolate and letting us stay warm inside the vehicle while he looks for the lights. Also, he took pictures for us which is an added bonus specially for those like me who wants to document the experience but no knowledge on taking special photographs.”