Get to know our team!

This is Iceland is a small and passionate family company, run by couple Klemmi and Didda, who love their little island and take great pride in introducing its natural beauty to its guests. If you want to travel with respect for nature and lust for adventure, this is truly the right choice for you!




Klemmi, whose real name is Klemenz, is this amicable mountain of a man who has been working in the travel industry for 25 years.  He is homemade, under the roots of Mt. Hekla and has worked as a guide, mountaineer, driver, cop and a medical transportation driver, so you sure will feel safe in his hands!  Klemmi can’t live without the mountains. 

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Didda used to work with DNA isolation, but decided to leave the laboratory and love the mountains instead.  Didda has a degree in tourism and travel, and a diploma in event management.  Her real name, Svanbjörg, means Swan Saviour, which is pretty cool. 



Glacier Guide

Siggi is the sweet one.  He is our very experienced but very kind glacier guide, who hikes to Hvannadalshnjúkur, the highest peak of Iceland, on a regular basis.  He is one of the many volunteers of the Search and Rescue Team in Iceland who go out, rain or shine, day or night, to help people in trouble.  He’s a lamb meat lover and will do almost everything for a bite! Last but not least, he’s Didda’s little brother.



Admin & marketing

Arnór is the man of many hobbies.  He’s a scout, he loves languages and speaks many of them (even some Esperanto!), listens to Eurovision and watches birds.  He’s just come back from a year of volunteering in the Swiss Alps and will now take over bookings and marketing for the company.  He’s a natural addition to this family run company, as he is indeed the proud son of our founding couple!



Car Manager

Yup.  That name sure is a mouthful, even for Icelanders!  Start by pronouncing Þeng as the English word Thing and the add on a short giddl.  Yes. There’s no D in Þengill, and yes, it’s still pronounced.  We know.  Anyhow.  Þengill is only 23 years old, but an ancient spirit, born and raised in Grímsey Island.  He’s a true automophile and thus oversees everything that has to do with our car fleet.  He loves big cars and always owns at least 3 at the time.  



Hut Warden & Mountain Mama

Kata is a 2 in 1 deal, as she’s always accompanied by her dog Tópaz.  She is the mother figure in the mountains of Eyjafjöll and goes around barefoot everywhere.  She’s our special Fimmvörðuháls warden in addition of being Klemmi’s sister.

This is Iceland is an authorized tour operator, licensed by the Icelandic tourist board. See their website for details about the permit.